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My Moment of Truth is personal and different for each individual. It may be the moment you realized that it was time to take a look at the real truth behind your health care experience; the moment you realized that a midwife was the right health care provider for you; or other realizations (related to your health care) as your explore the information and resources that Our Moment of Truth™ has shared with you.
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A better birth...

I have had two children. The first birth was a nightmare. We are a military family, and my doctor relocated two days before I gave birth. My beautiful boy entered this world into a room full of strangers. I didn't even know the staff attending me. Furthermore, I had a terrible tear - the worst possible - and was used for suture practice(by three different people). Needless to say the outcome was horrible. Five years later I still have issues from this birth. My second birth was the exact opposite experience. It took me four years to become pregnant. Not because we couldn't, but because I was afraid of the process (yes, a process or experiment, not the joyful experience everyone hopes for). This time I had a midwife. Wow! What a difference! She was/is more than my health care provider. She has become my friend. She cared for me in a way I had never experienced in the medical field. She listened, I mean really listened, to what happened in my first birth. She also listened to personal issues that occurred throughout my pregnancy. She cared for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I wish ALL healthcare professionals treated patients this way. In the end, my second birth was a joy. My midwife did not actually deliver my baby, but everyone on her team knew me and the issues I has with the first birth. This time, my baby was born into a room of love - and I didn't tear at all ( awesome midwives!). I hope that everyone can experience the special touch of a midwife. They truly are angels.

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