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My Moment of Truth is personal and different for each individual. It may be the moment you realized that it was time to take a look at the real truth behind your health care experience; the moment you realized that a midwife was the right health care provider for you; or other realizations (related to your health care) as your explore the information and resources that Our Moment of Truth™ has shared with you.
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My Best Decision

When I first got pregnant, I didn't have a clue what to do. I found an OB that was close and made some phone calls. After a couple of months I began to look into midwives and was so excited to find one covered by my insurance! Not only was one covered, but it was the perfect one. I knew before I even took the tour that was going to be where I had my child. The freestanding birth center had two midwives and an assistant who were all amazing. I never felt nervous or concerned that my child and myself were not receiving the best medical attention that we needed. My labor was early, which was very unexpected for a first child, and very quick. I am again so thankful for the birth center I used. They were all very calm and encouraging. With the labor going so quickly, I'm glad that we didn't have all of the issues of a hospital birth, simple things like parking, checking in, and getting to a room I'm sure would have stressed me out. And after my wonderful experience, I never thought twice about using the same birth center or midwife for my second or third birth. And in less than a month, I'll have my third child with them! I wish all women could feel so empowered and encouraged for their births. It made the experience a loving memory for me.

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